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Sigma BC 1609 STS

Sigma BC 1609 STS
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Sigma's BC 1609 STS is a powerful information collector in a small, wireless package. Its customizable display provides a clear view of essential information during your ride. After you get home, the 1609 can be plugged in to your computer with the docking station (sold separately) to automatically analyze your ride data, helping you track your training. Also, the 1609 has a backup storage chip which remembers your data even if your battery dies!

Current, Average and Maximum speed
Current/Average speed comparison
Trip distance
Total distance bike 1, bike 2 and combined
Ride time
Total riding time bike 1, bike 2 and combined
Countdown timer
Text display in 7 languages!
Backup function
Battery life display

Sigma's 3-channel wireless transmission system sends Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate measurements (see functions list for this model's display options) in digitally encoded data packages to an integrated receiver in the computer head, providing accurate ride data without interference between channels.

Part Numbers

750220016915 01691 210000006754